3rd Tuesday of the month
9:30 – 11:30 AM in the Church Conference Room

B.R.E.A.D. – Book Readers Engaging and Discussing

Join us the 3rd Thursday of the month at 9:30 AM to listen, discuss and share spiritual readings, both fiction and non-fiction. This group is a great way to meet others in the community, learn more about our Catholic faith and stretch our minds.

Our December read is MR. BLUE, the famous 1928 novel by Myles Connolly. Available in libraries and on Amazon.
Mr. Blue inherits a fortune. How does Blue become a modern-day St. Francis?
Read this book and give yourself a boost into to the true Christmas spirit!

Join us on Thursday morning Dec. 21st to discuss!  All are welcome!

Contact: Missy Davey (925) 837-8106

Previous Books: 

  • November, 2017 – October 31, 1517, Martin Luther and the Day that Changed the World