Sunday, September 10, 2017
Noon Mass followed by 1:00 PM Lunch and Kick-off | MPR

St. Joan of Arc Adult Faith Formation’s mission is to bring others closer to God through prayer, learning , community and service.  As we become knowledgeable Catholics, we become “disciples” or students. As we learn to go into the world and make the Gospel message known to everyone, we become God’s messengers here on earth, “apostles”.  We do this by showing God’s love when we serve others.

Join us for our first Mission Focus initiative, Hunger for Change: A Faithful Response to Food Insecurity, from JustFaith’s JustMatters modules.

It is an 8 week journey in small faith groups to examine the issue of food insecurity form many perspectives: faith, politics, economics, culture and more.  We will  enter the stories of those who suffer food insecurity and those who are creating solutions.  We will also learn ways that each of us can make a difference!

Small group gatherings are offered in a parishioner’s home at the following times:

  • Sundays at 7 PM
  • Mondays at 7 PM
  • Tuesday at 10 AM and 7 PM
  • Wednesday at 3 PM
  • Thursdays at 7 PM

Small group sessions are 1 .5 – 2 hours and will begin the week of September 17.  There will be a Service Saturday on November 11 and end with a large group celebration on November 12.

Contact: Rosemarie McKenney at (925) 830-0600