Perspectives on Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

The Church reminds us always to remember The Last Four Things: Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven…the very ordering of which is geared toward our salvation. What are Hell, Purgatory and Heaven really like?
Although none of these realities can be fully grasped while we are on this side of the grave, there is abundant testimony, from Scripture and the saints, to give us illuminating glimpses and sobering understandings regarding the final state of our souls.    Come consider some of the insights available to us, through both Scripture and tradition.

Fr. Jim Sullivan is a popular speaker and author. He has appeared numerous times on ShalomWorld Television and Radio Maria and has been published in Catholic periodicals.  Ordained for the Diocese of Oakland in 2006, Fr. Sullivan served In parish assignments in Pleasanton, Fremont and Brentwood before his current responsibilities as chaplain at Bishop O’Dowd High School.