Most of our adult faith programs include Jesus’ “great commission”: to go out and spread His good news, to serve others. Fulfilling this commission can put us on the path to becoming apostles. But how do we do that? Our “Mission Focus” efforts provide us with 8-week modules that help us to understand issues that face our world and, more importantly, help us to see what we can do about them. In other words, they teach us to spread Jesus’ message of love and service.

Upcoming Studies: home-based groups are forming now

Living Simply: Caring for the Earth

This new JustFaith program invites us to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary issues through the lens of our Christian faith. In a small, supportive community, we will engage in reading, prayer, thought-provoking dialog and personal encounters as we build lasting relationships.  

Most importantly, we will explore the invitation to care for the Earth and for the poor as we investigate the Gospel teachings.

Kick-off Luncheon: Sunday, April 19, 11 am – 2 pm followed by a field trip to San Damiano for their “Celebrate Earth Day” event

Small study groups are forming now. Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings are already available.

RSVP or send questions to Rosemarie:

Past Studies: materials are available for your small group

  • Human Trafficking: study what we can do to prevent human trafficking.
  • Cultivating Non-Violence: study how to harvest peace
  • Hunger for Change: study about Food Insecurity
  • Church of Second Chances: study our nation’s correctional system
  • Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey

Materials are available for home-based small faith groups. Contact Rosemarie McKenney