We will be hosting 10-15 minute conference calls twice each day to bring our community together in prayer:  at  9:30 am (except on Sundays) and  at 5:30 pm each day. Join us whenever you would like,  via telephone or online…for as long as you like. 

Here is how to participate. (When you connect, you will be notified that this call is “not within your plan.” Do not be alarmed, you will then be notified that it will only cost you one-cent per minute for the call — 15-cents for a 15-minute call).

For detailed instructions, click here

Quick Start

  • Online (using your laptop or desktop for audio and video)
  • Audio only (via telephone)
    • Dial-in number: (515) 606-5387
    • Access code: 509085#
  • Please be sure to mute your phone/laptop/desktop until you are invited to speak … or need to interrupt the speaker
  • NEED HELP CONNECTING? For additional assistance connecting to the meeting, text “Help” to the Dial-In number above (515) 606-5387