Oakland Diocese


The Catholic Voice


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

The USCCB is an assembly of the U.S. Catholic Church hierarchy who join together to unify, coordinate, encourage, promote and carry on Catholic activities in the United States; to organize and conduct religious, charitable and social welfare work at home and abroad; to aid in education; and to care for immigrants. The bishops themselves constitute the membership of the Conference and are served by a staff of over 350 lay people, priests and religious.

Biblical Studies

Huge resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible, ancient Johannine literature, the four Evangelists, links to many other related topics, ancient manuscripts, art and more.

Catholic Articles

Excerpted articles from monthly publications with practical and uplifting articles.

Catholic Resources

Catholic Resources, readings, Parish and Diocesan Web directory.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light

Information about the Cathedral for the Diocese of Oakland.

Theological Schools

Berkeley Based consortium of interdependent theological schools.

California Catholic Conference

Official voice of the Catholic Community in California Public Policy Arena.

Mass Schedules

Database of the Mass Times for all the Catholic churches in the United States.

Movie Reviews

Reviews by the U.S. Catholic Conference Office for Film and Broadcasting according to artistic Merit and moral suitability. The reviews include the USCC rating, the Motion Picture Association of America rating, and a synopsis of the movie.